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South Africa is considered a "sunny country" with a high number of daylight hours, averaging eight to ten hours a day around the year. The seasons are the reverse of those in the northern hemisphere. Winters are mild and the summers are hot, although rarely uncomfortable. The best time to visit the country is during our summer between November and March, with the peak summer months being December and January.

During September (spring), average temperatures range between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius during daytime. Evenings are slightly cooler but seldom drop below 18 degrees Celsius.

Annual average rainfall is less than 10 inches in the west and 40 inches in the east. Cape Town and the southernmost part of the Western Cape have a Mediterranean-type climate, with warm to hot summers. Winter brings gentle rain showers around Cape Town and the West Coast. KwaZulu-Natal enjoys a subtropical and sunny climate all year. Snow sometimes falls in the Drakensberg and Cape mountains in winter. The interior is dry and warm in winter, with cool nights. Summers are hot with more frequent rain. There is a high Ultra Violet (UV) risk in South Africa and it is recommended that you use sunscreen and wear a hat or cap when outdoors.

Clothing: Lightweight clothing is the norm during the South African summer. In winter, a jacket or coat may be needed, particularly in the evenings. At game reserves, wear neutral colours.

Temperatures are given in degrees Celsius (Centigrade). Ten degrees Celsius is equivalent to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, 20C = 68F, 30C = 86F.

For a look at current weather and forecasts click here.


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