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18 March 2012

Two men who interrupted a rally for anti-gay Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum by locking lips were thrown out of the event.

About three minutes into Santorum's speech at the Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on Thursday Timothy Tross and Ben Clifford shouted out "mic check" and began to kiss.

The men, along with a female companion, were quickly escorted out of the venue by security personnel as the predominantly hostile crowd chanted "U.S.A."

When asked by the Niles-MortonGrove Patch website if they are gay, Tross replied: I dont think the message should be about what my sexuality is. Its the message that hes saying about sexuality that matters.

Earlier, around 50 LGBT rights activists protested against Santorum on the streets outside the venue ahead of the rally.

Santorum, who hopes to be selected as the Republican candidate for the upcoming U.S. presidential election, has made his opposition to same-sex marriage a key part of his campaign.

He considers homosexuality to be against "family values" and the antithesis of a healthy society and has even equated same-sex marriage with paedophilia and bestiality.

Watch the incident below (The kiss takes place about three minutes and 30 seconds into the speech).

Staff Writer
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